Fairpoint Capital is a Nordic B2B technology Venture Capital investor focusing on unique technologies and/or business models.

Our Heritage

Fairpoint Capital is a B2B technology investment fund sprung out of the technology team of SEB Venture Capital. The fund is independent from SEB but the bank remains its main investor. Other investors are institutions with a close relationship to the bank. We thus leverage on more than two decades of technology venture capital investments and exits in well over 50 technology companies. Exits include companies like Foreseeti, Tail-f Systems, Donya Labs, Kreatel, Bluetail, Diakrit and Coresonic. Trade buyers include Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Mediatek, Telia, Intel, NewsCorp and CGI.

Investment Criteria

We are an active investor that does minority investments in early growth stage companies, i.e. late seed to B round funding. Initial investments are typically 10-40 mSEK but the total exposure towards a specific company can be considerably higher during the holding period. Investments are focused towards the Nordic region with a Swedish centre of gravity but the fund has no formal geographic restrictions.

Market Potential

Our investment focus is unique technologies and business models that are highly scalable and offer sustainable competitive advantages. Preferably the products address global markets with strong growth drivers and have a solid commercial proof of concept.

Focus Sectors

Investments are typically made in sectors like AI, IoT, Cloud, Simulations, Robotics, Big Data, Computer Vision, XR, Autonomous Systems, Security, Additive Manufacturing, System Integration and Materials.