Fairpoint Capital has joined Vækstfonden and Finance Zealand, to invest in Neurons’ ground-breaking online consumer prediction tools.

The investment will be used to attract new talent to secure Neurons’ position as the undisputed global market leader in software prediction services. It will fund the development of unique, state of the art products, the scaling up of the company to 200 employees, and will bring a sizeable increase in annual recurring revenue by 2025.

Since 2013, Neurons has provided Fortune-500 companies such as Google, Coca Cola, Mercedes, Capital One, and Ikea with the technology to predict customer behaviors such as attention, focus, cognitive responses, and engagement with at least 95% accuracy in a matter of seconds. This is a unique offering. Other research companies train their AI models with publicly available data sets once. Neurons’ AI models are built and constantly updated using their leading consumer neuroscience database and because of this, reflect market trends.

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